Working Papers

The working paper series is a colspanlection of scientific manuscripts about tobacco harm reduction and related topics. They are colspanlected here to make them available to the scientific community and other interested readers, and to solicit comments and suggested changes (until a final version is published).
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Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) as potential tobacco harm reduction products: Results of an online survey of e-cigarette users
Heavner K, Dunworth J, Bergen P, Nissen C. & Phillips CV.
Published in THR 2010 Yearbook

Ethical analyses of policies to promote THR.
Phillips CV

Has anti-tobacco pseudo-science jumped the shark, and is it taking the reputation of public health and epidemiology down with it? (working title - work in progress)
Phillips CV

Response to apparent biases in "Risk of gastroesophageal cancer among smokers and users of Scandinavian moist snuff, by Zendehdel et al. International Journal of Cancer 2008;122:1095-9."
Heavner K, Phillips CV & Rodu B

Debunking the claim that abstinence is usually healthier for smokers than switching to a low-risk alternative, and other observations about anti-tobacco-harm-reduction arguments
Phillips CV Published in Harm Reduction J

Tobacco: the greatest untapped potential for harm reduction
Phillips CV, Heavner K & Bergen PL
Published in Harm Reduction: Practical Strategies (Marlatt ed.)

Retailers knowledge of tobacco harm reduction following the introduction of a new brand of smokeless tobacco
Heavner K, Rosenberg Z, Tenorio F & Phillips CV

Smokeless tobacco availability and promotion in Edmonton: Exploring the barriers to and the opportunities for tobacco harm reduction
Heavner K, Hu J & Phillips CV

Smokeless Tobacco: the Epidemiology and Politics of Harm
Phillips CV & Heavner K
Published in Biomarkers, Jul/09

Survey of smokers reasons for not switching to safer sources of nicotine and their willingness to do so in the future
Heavner K, Rosenberg Z & Phillips CV
Published in Harm Reduction J Jul/09

University Student Smokers Perceptions of Risks and Barriers to Harm Reduction
Geertsema K, Phillips CV & Heavner K
Published in THR 2010 Yearbook