Working Paper: 009

(Note: This page is currently a placeholder for making available to the public several supplementary documents of interest. We are collecting their core messages into this (not yet finished) working paper.)

Has anti-tobacco pseudo-science jumped the shark, and is it taking the reputation of public health and epidemiology down with it? (not yet available) Phillips CV

Supplemental 1:
Letter to the Editor re: Tobacco Industry Efforts to Undermine Policy-Relevant Research
Nissen CM, Heavner K, Phillips CV & Cockburn L

In response to:

Tobacco Industry Efforts to Undermine Policy-Relevant Research.
Landman A & Glantz SA
American Journal of Public Health. January 2009; 99(1):1-14.

Supplemental 2:
Regarding Inaccurate Conflict of Interest Statement by Stephen Hecht
Correspondence between Phillips CV and Balfour D (et al).

Supplemental 2a:
In response to criticism, David Balfour, Editor-in-Chief of Nicotine and Tobacco Research, demands that University of Alberta President censor and sanction Phillips (file includes Balfour's letter and Phillips's response to it).

Supplemental 2b:
Michael Siegel comments on Balfour and Phillips at his Rest of the Story (see the comments for further from Phillips).

Supplemental 2c:
A similar example: one of the authors of a paper, Siegel criticized, demanded that Siegel's university administration reprimand him for making legitimate scholarly criticism. (see the comments for further from Phillips).

Supplemental 3:
West Virginia press release
The release, ensuing articles and some of our responses October - December 2008.

Supplemental 4:
Letter to the editor: Response to Winickoff et al (1).
Bergen P & Phillips CV

In response to:

Beliefs About the Health Effects of "Thirdhand" Smoke and Home Smoking Bans.
Winickoff, JP, Friebely J et al.
Pediatrics 2009; 123: e74-e79.

Supplemental 5:
Science by Press Release: Study Shows that Secondhand Smoke Exposure Doubles the Risk of Depression, But Validity of Conclusions Cannot be Evaluated .
Siegel M

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